Payment terms

Payment for Tabula Sense products is carried out via bank transfer to our bank account or using bank cards of international payment systems.
Payment with bank cards is carried out via Alfa-Bank.

VISA and MasterCard are generally accepted.

Payment service via internet is provided in accordance with Regulations of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard on principles of confidentiality and security of payment. For that purpose the most up-to-date methods of verification, encryption and transfer of data by closed communication channels. Bank card credentials are input on a secured payment page of Alfa-Bank.

On a page of bank credentials input one have to put card number, cardholder name, card valid period, 3-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA or CVC2 for MasterCard). All required data are printed on a card.
Three-digit security code is three digits located at the back side of the card.
Next you will be redirected on your bank's page to enter a 3DSecure code that you will receive by SMS. If you have not received 3DSecure code, please, contact a bank that issued the card.

With questions regarding bank card payment or web-site functioning, please, write us to:
Personal information provided by you (name, address, telephone, e-mail, bank card number) is confidential and is not eligible for disclosure. Your bank card data are transferred encrypted and are nor saved to our web-server.

Delivery terms

Products are delivered after prior partial or full payment of a total price of products. Products delivery period - not more than 45 days after prior payment.
Delivery within Russian Federation is included in price. Products delivery method is determined by the producer taking into account destination and time.
Delivery outside Russia is excluded from price and paid separately. Method and terms of delivery are determined together by the producer and the buyer taking into account destination and time.

Return policy

Return policy is the following:

  • The buyer has the right to refuse from product at any time before its delivery and 7 days after it;
  • Return of product of proper quality is possible when its marketable state, consumer performance and payment document are preserved;
  • The buyer has no right to refuse from product of proper quality if it has individual features that prevents this product to be used by any other person except the buyer;
  • Upon the buyer's refusal from the product the producer shall refund whole sum paid for the product excluding cost of product delivery (both to the buyer and back).

In case of bank card payment, funds return in cash is not allowed. Refund procedure is regulated by rules of international payment systems.
To refund money on a bank card one shall fill-in "Money refund claim" which is sent to e-mail address upon request, and send it with ID copy enclosed to
Money will be refunded to bank card within 21 (twenty-one) working day after "Money refund claim" has been received. To refund money according to error operations one shall send written request with ID copy and error proving documents enclosed to:
Refund sum will equal paid sum. Period of request consideration and money refund starts from the momnet when request has been received and does not include week-ends or holidays.