Tabula Sense 2.0
Everything you need for optimal work experience. Best price/functionality offer. Wireless Qi charger, USB hub, Bluetooth speakers.
Tabula Sense 2.0 is a simplified version of our first product Tabula Sense Smart Desk. Wireless Qi charger, USB hub, built-in Bluetooth speakers. Optionally, the desk can be equipped with height-adjustable legs. The desk top made of MDF and covered with FENIX material, which is soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Available in black and white. Edges are made of anodized aluminum.
Style and functionality
Wireless Qi charger
Just place your Qi- supporting device on a designated spot and charging process will start automatically. For Apple devises, you will need to use a Qi wireless charging adapter receiver case. Lucky owners of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 + and iPhone X don't need any additional equipment
Bluetooth speakers
Powerful 20V water resistant built -in Bluetooth speakers provide a good sound and pleasant vibes
USB hub
Connect your desk to the computer or laptop and use USB ports on the end face of your desk directly, your computer will recognize any of gadgets. One port is supposed to be used for charging only.
Height-adjustable legs
Optionally, the desk can be equipped with height-adjustable legs. Alternating between sitting and standing positions makes work more comfortable and improves both health and productivity. All electronics for height-adjustable legs are built-in. No need to have messy cables on your desk any more
Which colours are available?
This desk is available in black and white colour. if you want to order more than 3 desks and ready to wait for 1,5 months, you can choose any colour of the tabletop and we will produce it for you. Fixed legs available in white/black colour. Height adjustable legs in grey only
Desk dimensions?
Desk size 140x70 cm H - 74 cm
How does the height-adjustable mechanism work?
Optionally, the desk can be equipped with height-adjustable legs. Control buttons are built-in underneath the tabletop on your left hand. Max capacity – 120 kg
Which devices are wireless charging compatible?
Most recent Android Phones and iPhone 8 and later features integrated wireless charging that allows for an easy and intuitive charging experience. if a wireless charging cover isn't available for your phone, you can use a special receiver instead, allowing even much older devices to support wireless charging.
Tabula Sense 2.0
Pre-order. Available colours - white and black
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