Embedded devices for furniture manufacturers

We at Tabula Sense are engaged in the development and production of furniture with built-in electronics. What sets us apart from similar companies? We develop all of our electronics ourselves, like true Jedi, with knowledge of all the peculiarities of furniture production.

Starting from 2023, our devices can be purchased separately from the furniture. We did this so that other furniture manufacturers could easily upgrade their products with the most advanced electronics and offer their customers additional value.

How it works.

In addition to delivering the gadgets themselves, we provide furniture factories with all the design documentation, conduct training on working with our electronics, provide service support, and consultations with our engineers. All of this is already included in the cost, and there is no need to pay anything extra. No specific equipment for embedding our devices is required, just a usual CNC machining center.

Tabula Sense wireless chargers of the Qi standard

Tabula Sense wireless chargers are installed using a hidden method, and only laser engraving with a handheld laser is applied to the surface of the tabletop. The chargers are equipped with the MagSafe function - any iPhone is easier to position thanks to the circular magnets and harder to accidentally move from its place. Power up to 15W is supported for any smartphones.

Modular connection socket blocks

We produce socket blocks with 2, 3, or 4 sockets. They can also be equipped with USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors. Modular means that the blocks can be connected to each other in a chain of up to six tables. No hanging wires, mobility, and most importantly, six times savings on electrical wiring in the office, as one ordinary socket in the floor is enough for six tables. The casing is finished with anodized aluminum, and there is a plug for RJ45 (Ethernet) cable outputs.

Integrated booking system

Currently, Tabula Sense is the only company in the world that owns this technology. The desk is equipped with a board with three USB ports, an RGB LED, and an NFC reader. The device connects via Wi-Fi to a cloud service where you can see available and occupied seats, book a desk, and the status will be displayed using built-in LEDs on a web interface. The login of the arriving employee is made using a regular NFC pass. Additionally, tables can be equipped with presence sensors that recognize whether a table is free or occupied by detecting leg movement, and can unreserve it or provide information about the absence of an employee to the relevant services.

End-face USB chargers

We produce several formats of USB chargers that are installed in the end-face of the table. Supported formats include USB Type-A and USB Type-C. The casing is made of high-quality plastic that will not scratch or peel. There is a concern that the charger casing could accidentally be pulled out when getting up from the table. However, we have installed our chargers in tens of thousands of tables and have not received any such complaints so far. It is mounted in the table with one bolt and can be replaced in 30 seconds in case of a warranty issue.


Built-in Bluetooth speakers are equipped with an amplifier of our own design and can be supplemented with subwoofers for better sound quality. Additionally, we produce plastic sound guides that allow for the installation of voice assistants like Alice and Jabra speaker systems flush with the table. No more unnecessary wires on the surface of the table.

Induction heating for coffee/tea

The built-in induction surface allows you to maintain the temperature of your drink at around 60-70 degrees. A special ceramic cup with an aluminum coating on the bottom is included. Only the bottom of the cup is heated, making it impossible to burn yourself on the table. The device recognizes the cup and activates automatically.

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