Trapezoidal Smart Office desk with tabletop made of laminated chipboard. More than 50 chipboard tabletop decors, U/O-shaped or folding legs, built-in gadgets' chargers, power frames, dividing screen and no wires. All options choise available in configurator.

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Smart Office trapezoidal desk with chipboard top
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Smart Office trapezoidal desk with chipboard top

Trapezoidal Smart Office desk. More than 50 chipboard tabletop decors, different legs types, built-in gadgets and no wires.

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What decors are available?

More than 50 chpboard decors of chipboard are availible.

What are the desk sizes?

Tabletop sizes: 120 x 55 cm/ 154 x66

Height - 73 cm

What devices are compatible with Qi charger?

You can charge all moble phones with Qi charger. 

What is the warranty period?

1 year waranty for all Tabula Sense production + post-warranty maintannace for the usage duration.

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